Start to use your language

MetaEdit+ delivers your language and generators immediately to the developers of your team. The created development tool supports your modeling language, generates your code the way you want, and produces documents following your standards. It integrates with your existing application development environment: reading in configuration data, referencing component libraries, starting simulators and running external solvers. Your other tools can access design models in MetaEdit+ and integrate it with the other environments. MetaEdit+ is no lightweight drawing tool: it's a full-blooded multi-user, multi-project modeling environment, running on all major platforms. 

Use your modeling language, generate products and documentation
Automatic code generation and up-to-date documentation with your self defined domain-specific method

Even while developers are using your language, you can make changes to it. MetaEdit+ prevents you making disastrous changes to the language and updates existing models instantly yet non-destructively to reflect the changes. The language delivery and model update is invisible to the developers using MetaEdit+.

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