MetaEdit+ Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) environment

MetaEdit+ enables companies to radically improve development productivity and quality by generating full code directly from models. First you design the modeling language with MetaEdit+ Workbench and then other developers model with the language in MetaEdit+ Modeler.

MetaEdit+ Workbench

Design your modeling language

MetaEdit+ Modeler

Use your modeling language
Method Workbench allows defining dedicated modeling languages and code generators that can be implemented with MetaEdit+ to automate software production

MetaEdit+ Workbench is a tool for defining your modeling language: its concepts, rules, notations and generators. The language definition is stored as a metamodel in the MetaEdit+ repository. 

You normally only need one license of Workbench, for your expert developer.


MetaEdit+ Modeler follows the given modeling language definition and automatically provides you with full modeling tool functionality: diagramming editors, browsers, generators, multi-user support, etc.

You need one license of MetaEdit+ for each of your product developers who will use the modeling tool.