Make generators

Models capturing your domain can be used for various purposes. With MetaEdit+ you can make reports which check the consistency of the models, produce metrics, analyze model linkages, create data dictionaries, produce documentation, generate code, or configuration information and export models to other programs, such as simulators, version management, external solvers etc. The advanced scripting commands allow you to print designs in various formats, handle output to several files, call external programs and access the full power of your operating system commands.

Make generators Run them on your designs
MetaEdit+ allows easy creation of fully customizable documentation and code generators for automatic software production and documentation generation

Report customization and the use of user-defined reports is possible with MetaEdit+ Generator Editor. With Generator Editor you can choose which parts of your design data you want to have written out and in which format. This report definition can then be used to produce reports according to this format from your various design models. Generators can be also tested and debugged with the Generator Debugger.