MetaEdit+ Modeler - Supports your modeling language

MetaEdit+ provides full modeling tool functionality for multiple users, multiple projects, running on all major platforms. It automatically follows the modeling language defined with MetaEdit+ Workbench by retrieving it from the repository.

Design your modeling language Use your modeling language
MetaEdit+ supports model-based development using any custom-made modeling language as well as standard modeling languages

MetaEdit+ offers full modeling tool support for your language. Your whole team can immediately start to edit designs as graphical diagrams, as matrices or as tables, switching between views according to your needs. You can browse designs with filters, apply components, link your models to other designs, and check your models with various pre-defined or user-defined reports. You can publish the designs in your domain-specific modeling language to the web or word processors, or generate full code for your products. You can have the tool you want because you are in charge!