Pick rules

Your domain includes many rules about how the concepts are identified and connected to each other. Based on the GOPPRR metamodeling language, MetaEdit+ identifies several rules from which you can pick. You can later change the rules, even while developers are using your language. MetaEdit+ updates models and delivers the domain rules automatically to the developers using MetaEdit+.

Choose rules Tool follows them while modeling
Define the rules of your dedicated modeling language and let MetaEdit+ enforce these to avoid illegal model constructs

MetaEdit+ identifies rules inside and between models. For one modeling language you can define how its concepts can be related to each other and how many connections (of certain type) are allowed between each instance. You may define for example that an instance of ‘Initial State' may have only one triggering connection and that the instance must send the same notification event to at least two places. This type of rule forces then all developers using MetaEdit+ to make correct definitions for initial states.

Different modeling languages can be integrated with rules of explosions, decompositions and reusable modeling concepts of various sizes. For example, an explosion rule may say that the domain concept ‘product feature' may have one or more state diagrams illustrating its behaviour.