Model changes and versions

The Changes and Versions Tool shows the complete model editing history: what has changed and how, when the change was made and who made it. You can read the version comments, see changes highlighted graphically and examine the details of the changes textually. From all change views you may trace to the model element and open it in its context in a model editor.

MetaEdit+ automatically tracks changes made in models

The Changes and Versions tool lets you:

  • See changes graphically or as a tree using your language's structure and symbols, not XML
  • Inspect changes textually with live links to models and customizable text
  • Trace from any displayed change to the model element in its context
  • Filter out representational changes, like location and scaling
  • Categorize changes by projects
  • Reverse the changes tree for impact analysis of individual object changes
  • Enter and view version comments for a version, transaction or individual graphs
  • Integrate painlessly with external Version Control Systems like Git and SVN