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1.3 Editors

The basic modeling tasks within MetaEdit+ – creating, modifying and deleting design elements, connecting them with relationships, and linking them with other design elements – are carried out in the editors. All editors operate on the same conceptual design data, but by employing different views and representations suitable for the design situation at hand. MetaEdit+ provides three editors:
*Diagram Editor for graphical representations of models.
*Matrix Editor for viewing models as matrices.
*Table Editor for tabular representations of the properties of objects within models.
For now, let’s concentrate on the Diagram Editor. To open an existing model in the Diagram Editor:
1)In the Main Launcher, select ‘Simple’ from the Graph Browser’s Graphs list.
2)Press the right mouse button to open the pop-up menu for the selected list element.
3)Select ‘Open’ from the pop-up menu (as in Figure 1–3).

Alternatively, you can open ‘Simple’ by double-clicking on it in the list.

Opening Diagram Editor

Figure 1–3. Opening Diagram Editor.

A Diagram Editor for ‘Simple’, similar to Figure 1–4, should now open.

Diagram Editor

Figure 1–4. Diagram Editor for the ‘Simple’ model.

The Diagram Editor provides a graphical view for editing design data. Each element is represented by a graphical symbol, and the relationships between elements are shown as various kinds of lines between them. In the Diagram Editor you can thus not only edit the conceptual design information, but its graphical layout as well.

To access and change the data captured by a design element:
1)Double-click a design element in the Diagram Editor (for example, the box labeled ‘EditHours’) to open its property dialog (Figure 1–5).

Property dialog for EditHours

Figure 1–5. Property dialog for the ‘EditHours’ element.

2)In the property dialog you can change the value of the element’s properties (e.g. State name, DisplayFn, Blinking and Documentation). To accept your changes, press OK.

To change the graphical layout, select the element and drag it into a new position. You can also scale elements by dragging their selection handles.
->The Matrix and Table Editors do not view design data in a free-form graphical fashion and therefore they do not provide such rich visual layout possibilities. Conversely, their automatic layout and sorting functions allow you to concentrate on the model itself, rather than spending time fine-tuning the layout.

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