New features in 4.5 SR1 (since initial 4.5 release)


  • New: New intuitive UI for Metamodeling Tools, with toolbars and menu bars
  • New: Graph Tool satellite windows integrated as tabs in Graph Tool
  • New: Icon Editor to give types custom icons to override default scaled symbol
  • Correction: Consistent sort order for bindings improves version comparisons


  • New: Iterate over variables and strings: do $var, do 'foo bar'%spaces
  • New: Specify encoding for files: filename...encoding...write/read
  • New: Short syntax for simple variable assignments, $abc='foo'
  • New: Better parse error reporting for regex, and math and translate streams
  • New: Generator Editor remembers graph to run on


  • New: Command-line argument document:into: to document metamodel
  • New: Command-line argument stopAPI


  • New: Diagram Editor intelligently updates whole view after operations
  • New: Roots Browser operations moved to Startup Launcher
  • New: Show type symbols in binding creation list dialog, Help | Graph Type etc.


  • New: Multi-user server runs as a service
  • New: Server administration UI integrated in MetaEdit+ clients
  • New: SOAP interface to automate server administration
  • New: Run servers for multiple repositories simultaneously from one installation
  • New: Significant speed improvements on Windows XP SP2


  • New: Support for multiple monitors is now handled automatically
  • New: Cope with screen depth changes and timezone changes on the fly

For more details, please see the full change list