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Undoing/redoing changes
Cutting, copying and pasting objects

4.2.7 Other Matrix Editor commands

Undoing/redoing changes

You can undo and redo all editing operations in the Matrix Editor. To undo the last operation, click the undo icon on the toolbar, or select Undo from the Edit menu. To redo the most recently undone action, click the redo icon on the toolbar, or select Edit | Redo. The menu items on the Edit menu show the name of the operation to undo or redo.

To perform multiple levels of undo/redo operations at once:
1)Select Edit | Undos/Redos... to see the list of possible operations (Figure 4–24).
2)Select the last step you want to undo/redo.

Undo redo steps

Figure 4–41. Undos/Redos.

The number of undo/redo steps is unlimited within a transaction, but committing or abandoning will reset the undo/redo buffer. Also please note that the undo/redo buffer is global for the whole of MetaEdit+. As it is possible to have the same conceptual object in many graphs, this means that changes made in one editor can be undone/redone from another editor or from the MetaEdit+ Launcher.

Cutting, copying and pasting objects

To cut or copy an object:
1)Select the object to cut or copy on an axis.
2)Select the Cut or Copy command from the Edit menu, pop-up menu or toolbar.

Paste objects by selecting Paste from the Edit menu, the pop-up menu or the toolbar. Pasting objects simply creates new representations of the same objects: if you change a pasted object’s properties, you are also changing the original object. Any relationships or roles between the objects are ignored when pasting in the Matrix Editor.

If you need to have true copies instead, breaking the links with the original elements, use Paste Special. To invoke Paste Special, select Edit | Paste Special.... A dialog will open for defining the depth of the copy (as in Figure 4–42)

Paste Special

Figure 4–42. Paste Special.

The options in the Paste Special dialog are as follows:
*No Copy provides the same results as the normal Paste command, i.e. only a new representation but of the same object.
*Copy to Depth copies the contents of the elements down to the level entered into the number field. Elements below that level are shared with the original.
*Deep Copy makes full copies, i.e. works like Copy to Depth to an unrestricted level.
More details about copying to various depths are given in the description of the Replace Tool in Section 3.3.5.

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