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    MetaEdit+ Modeler

    Why does Word give a warning or silently fail running MetaEdit+'s Word generators ('Export graph [hierarchy] to Word')

    Explanation:MetaEdit+'s Word reports use the AutoOpen macro to open the generated file and save it in document format, so Word should allow you to use this macro when opening the generated file.
    Affects:Word 2000 and later
    Solution:Change your Word Security Level settings:

    Word 2000, 2002

    1. On Word's Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Security
    2. Change security level to "Medium" and click OK.
    3. Close the open .RTF document
    4. Run the required report again
    5. When Word opens and the "Macro Warning" dialog appears, select "Enable macros"

    Please note that the Security Level change will remain to the next Word sessions. More detailed instructions about changing the Security Levels can be found from Word's online help "Change the security level for macro virus protection".

    Word 2007

    1. Word Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings ...
      • ... | Macro Settings | Disable all macros with notification (default)
      • ... | Trusted Publishers | if MetaCase is there already, you can stop here
    2. Open the or a file that uses it
    3. Under the ribbon you should see a Security Warning
    4. Click the Options... button on the warning
    5. Check that the signature is signed by MetaCase
    6. Choose to "Enable all code published by the publisher"

    The macros in the document will now work, and MetaCase will have been added to the Truster Publishers. Opening documents will no longer give a warning: "Trusted Publishers" is checked before "Disable all macros with notification".