Webinar: Domain-Specific Modeling: 76 cases of MDD that works

Why do many MDD approaches fail or only produce marginal improvements, when others consistently improve productivity by a factor of 5-10? We analyzed 76 cases of Domain-Specific Modeling, spanning 15 years and 4 continents, to find the set of worst practices that reduced productivity and endangered project success. We'll show you the best and worst practices with practical examples, letting you make an informed decision on how to move your modeling to the next level.

Find out how to keep your designs free from implementation details, improve communication with stakeholders, and radically improve productivity and quality. Most importantly, see how DSM keeps you in the driving seat throughout, rather than locking you in to a tool vendor's choices.

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Speaker: Steven Kelly, CTO, MetaCase

Dr. Steven Kelly is the CTO of MetaCase and co-founder of the DSM Forum. He has over fifteen years of experience of consulting and building tools for Domain-Specific Modeling. Steven is co-author of a book on DSM and over 50 articles in both academic and trade journals. He is a member of IASA and on the editorial board for the Journal of Database Management, and a regular speaker at events such as OOPSLA, Software Architect, and Code Generation.