MetaEdit+ 5.0 program patches

These patches are only applicable to MetaEdit+ 5.0.

What's new?

2012.07.31 Japanese support: character input, encodings, shell commands

How to use patch files

On Windows, save the patch file into a patches subdirectory of the MetaEdit+ working directory (the MetaEdit+ shortcut's "Start in" setting), e.g. "My Documents\MetaEdit+ 5.0\patches". Check that the Target in your MetaEdit+ shortcut includes fileInPatches, e.g. "C:\Program Files\MetaEdit+ 5.0 Evaluation\mep50.exe" fileInPatches

On Linux and Mac OS X, save the patch file in the patches subdirectory of your MetaEdit+ working directory.

All patch files are supplied 'as is', with no guarantees, and no liability for any damages is accepted by MetaCase.

Official Patches and Service Releases

Our current policy is to supply service releases and information on critical patches directly to customers with a valid maintenance agreement. Please contact your sales representative or if you have any problems.

Beta Patches

These patches are not fully tested, nor normally necessary for operation of MetaEdit+: install them and use them with care, and only if you want or need the changes mentioned.

Japanese support: character input, encodings, fonts, shell commands
japanese50a.mep allows inline input of Japanese characters, adds the Japanese encodings, uses Japanese fonts, and allows Japanese characters in calls to shell commands. The Japanese patch should only be loaded if the OS locale is set to Japanese before starting MetaEdit+. See japanese50a.txt for more details.

Known Problems

All significant known problems are cured by the patches above. If you encounter a problem or error, please contact For errors that open an error dialog, please attach the meplus0.err file from your MetaEdit+ working directory.