MetaEdit+ 4.0 documentation updates

MetaEdit+ 4.0 includes HTML manuals, and as we make updates, additions or other formats of the manuals available we will provide them here.

Manual PDFs

These are the user's guides for MetaEdit+ 4.0 SR2, formatted for printing or on-screen viewing. Click the link for your desired paper size to view them in a new browser window, or right click to download them. Thanks to Prof. Richard J. Welke for his help in making these available.

Evaluation Tutorial: US Letter or A4 PDF (0.7MB)
Introduction to MetaEdit+ and creating your first DSM language
Watch Example: US Letter or A4 PDF (0.4MB)
Full example of a DSM language and 100% code generation for a family of digital watches
MetaEdit+ User's Guide: US Letter or A4 PDF (1.9MB)
Modeling and code generation tools
Method Workbench User's Guide: US Letter or A4 PDF (0.7MB)
Modeling language creation tools
API User's Guide: US Letter or A4 PDF (0.2MB)
API for integrating MetaEdit+ with other tools, XML import/export
System Administrator's User's Guide: US Letter or A4 PDF (0.3MB)
Tools and procedures for MetaEdit+ repository system administrator

Additional documentation

MetaEdit+ XML Schema: MetaEdit+40sr2API.xsd
This is the specification of the MetaEdit+ API XML import / export format. For more details, please see the API User's Guide in your MetaEdit+ installation.
Installing MetaEdit+ in universities
Instructions for automating installation of MetaEdit+ for multiple independent users in Unix