Introductory series in DevX

Introduction to DSM:
Welcome to the Next Generation of Software Modeling

Abstract: Domain-Specific Modeling promises to change the modeling landscape by providing a greater level of abstraction from code than UML, providing modeling constructs for developers that mimic the real-world objects more closely, and most importantly, providing complete code-generation capabilities, which together lead to a much more productive way for developers to model applications.
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Language Creation:
How to Start Defining Your Own Language

Abstract: By ignoring the requirement to be so abstract so as to fit any business problem, industry, or application type, domain-specific languages—by definition—avoid any compromises that would get in the way of your development. Find out how you can improve quality and productivity by an order of magnitude by learning the basics of building your own DSL today. Read the full article

Code Generation:
Making Code Generation Complete

Abstract: Domain-specific modeling is most successful when the models let you generate complete working code, without the need for post-generation code modifications or additions. The examples and guidelines in this article show you how. Read the full article

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