MetaEdit+ 5.6 Early Access program

As cloud hosting of MetaEdit+ with the RSL license is increasing, the upcoming version 5.6 brings significant improvements in scalability and interoperability — wherever you run it. There are deep optimizations of time and memory in the browsers, and a new “All Until Subgraph” hierarchy in the Object Browser. Complex filters can now also be used in the right-hand list in browsers, and the model refactoring Replace Tool has a streamlined UX. Performance of thousands of fast API operations has been improved, and support added for CORS to allow JavaScript use of the API. In multi-homed machines, users can select among several IPs for security and performance. The documentation generators have been updated to HTML5, and role position commands can provide dynamic port coordinates. And for massive cases with multiple repositories, life has been made easier with improved context-sensitive intelligence in the selection of user and project.

You can apply for early access to the new version by email to