MetaEdit+ 5.0 Released

MetaEdit+ 5.0 has now been released. MetaEdit+ is aimed at expert developers who want to generate efficient, complete code directly from domain-specific models. The new version is loaded with dozens of new features and hundreds of improvements, including:

  • Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE integration
  • View changes graphically directly in the models
  • Enhanced dynamic behavior of symbols
    • Templates to include common elements in multiple symbols
    • Dynamic ports shown based on component interfaces etc.
    • Live Check pane lists current errors and warnings in model
  • Faster, more intuitive modeling
    • New tools for managing model hierarchies
    • Create large objects by dragging area
  • New generator functions
    • Generator parameters, local variables
    • Conditional breakpoints
    • Break into running generator
  • New graphics engine with high-quality anti-aliasing
  • Updated platform support

See a full list of changes from MetaEdit+ 4.5 SR1 to 5.0. You can download the evaluation version of 5.0 at with full manuals, tutorials and examples.

Customers entitled to a free upgrade will be contacted directly by MetaCase. As always, your models and languages created with previous versions of MetaEdit+ will work in the new version, and on all platforms too.