Importing Models

MetaEdit+ fully supports the importation of existing models, thereby enabling organizations to quickly and efficiently make the transition from their existing modeling tool to MetaEdit+ without any loss of data. Models can be imported via standard formats, such as XML and SOAP, or directly into MetaEdit+ using MetaEdit+ API. As always, MetaCase's expert staff is available to assure that the move forward is quick and trouble-free.

MetaEdit+ offers may ways for importing

Additional information:

Scenario 1 Presents how MetaEdit+ utilizes MERL for importing data from external sources (i.e. reverse engineering). The MetaEdit+ repository contains an example in the UML examples project, in which Java classes (*.java) and their attributes are reverse engineered to UML Class Diagram models.
Scenario 4  Importing via XSLT
Scenario 6 Importing via MetaEdit+ API