MetaEdit+ 5.5 SR1 Early Access program 

Downloading the Early Access version is only recommended for users already familiar with MetaEdit+.

Sign up for access by emailing When you are accepted you will receive an email. Please fill in the user name and password from the email you received, choose the radio button for the file you want, and press the download button.

User name:

  #  Windows Linux
  B27  mep55eval_setup_0-Build27.exe (36 469 560) MetaEdit+EVAL-5.5.27-0.tar.gz (37 864 238)

I promise to be a good beta tester,
     reporting bugs and replying to emails
     asking how much I've used the beta :)


System requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7; Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008
Before installation: Uninstall any previous 5.5 evaluation first (5.1 evaluation and 5.5 full versions can remain). Note that uninstalling will not remove a previous 5.5 demo repository in Documents\MetaEdit+ 5.5, nor will installing overwrite it: rename the old repository before installing if you want the new one installed too.
Installation: Unzip the files into Documents\MetaEdit+ 5.5


System requirements: Linux: x86, 2.4-4.12 kernel, 2.2+ glibc, e.g. Ubuntu 16.04 (with 32-bit libraries).
xterm is required for running external commands for Git/SVN.
For a 64-bit Linux, you must install 32bit/i386 libraries. On most Linuxes you will be able to use Xft's vector fonts rather than fixed-size bitmap fonts, but if not or if you choose not to with the noxft command-line parameter, you will want to install xfonts-75dpi/gsfonts-x11.
Before installation: Using alongside a 5.5 installation will require script and/or PATH editing, and avoiding overwriting an existing ~/metaedit directory.
Installation: Please see README.txt in the .tar.gz file.

You can copy an existing repository for use with the Early Access version: The repository version is the same as for 5.5, so you can move repositories back and forth between 5.5 and 5.5 SR1. Note that much of the VCS integration is determined by the _vcs* and _os* generators in Graph: to benefit from SR1's improvements, you will need to update those from an SR1 repository. In a Generator Editor for Graph with no generator selected, Write to File will save all Graph generators to a folder, and Read from File can then import them all into your pre-SR1 repository.

There will be a series of Early Access versions, culminating in one or more release candidates. The Early Access versions will be time-limited, but we promise to keep you up and running until 5.5 SR1 is available, should you want to move your development completely to the new version at some point.

We would like you to report ( errors by attaching the meplus0.err file and possibly a zip of your repository, explaining what you were doing when the error occurred. When we send out a new Early Access version, we would appreciate it if you could move to using it as quickly as possible, and follow any instructions provided for updating your repository to the new version - this way we save you from hitting bugs that others have already reported.

Version History

5.5 Build 27: 2017.12.14

The following are the main additions since 5.5 (full list):
  • Support Linux, including latest kernels and Git/SVN versioning
  • Keyboard string search supports trees and tables as well as lists
  • In keyboard search, Alt+Home/Down/Up/End finds first/next/previous/last
  • In multi-select lists, can (de)select multiple ranges with Ctrl (+Shift)
  • Compare Window's scrollbar highlights changed areas with colour
  • Browser filters can contain multiple | OR and ^ AND-NOT subconditions
  • Allow multi-select in the lists of Component Selection Tools
  • Drag multiple roles' endpoints together, e.g. in a Sequence Diagram
  • Table Editor shows multi-line texts with grey paragraph mark separators
  • Metrics per-type counts show which parts of metamodel are used most