MetaEdit+ brings a five-fold productivity increase

Pecunet logoPECUNET GmbH provides an independent business-to-business marketplace connecting insurance companies, financial service providers and brokers. It combines delivery of information, communication, and business transactions - all on one platform.

Domain-specific model for Insurance productsPECUNET uses Domain-Specific Modeling to specify insurance products and generate product content to their web-portal. "With MetaEdit+ we have fundamentally changed the way our e-commerce website is developed," says CTO Joachim Lindig. 

First, experts specify the products with visual models by applying an insurance-specific modeling language (click the screenshot to see partial model). Second, MetaEdit+ generates the required content from the models for the website in Java. "Traditional programming has largely disappeared and we can build systems up to five times faster with fewer errors," sums up Joachim Lindig.

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