Domain-Specific Modeling with MetaEdit+ has been used in a wide variety of domains and industries to achieve fundamental improvements in productivity and quality. The examples listed represent just a fraction of the hundreds of domains which have benefited from this approach. Contact us to see the cases in more detail and discuss how DSM would benefit you in your domain.

Internet of Things application development - read more

A Domain-Specific Modeling language to specify applications into a Internet of Things device.

Self-adaptive systems - see more

A DSM language language for modeling self-adaptive systems


Batch process control (ISA88) - see more

A DSM for specifying the procedures and recipes for batch process control


Multi-view mobile application development - read more

Demonstrates the ability of MetaEdit+ to utilize multiple views of the same model for different stakeholders (e.g. detailed-view and user-view).

Automotive EE architectures - see more

A DSM language for specifying automotive embedded architectures (EAST-ADL).


Financial services - see more

A DSM language for specifying insurance products using static declarative models.


Automotive infotainment system - see more

A DSM language for designing car infotainment systems.


Track control of railway systems - see more

Demonstrates a Domain-Specific Modeling language that uses the layout of the railway as the notation.


PLC heating application - read more

A DSM solution for modeling heating systems (structure and behavior) and generating the PLC software.


Call processing language - read more

A call processing language for call redirection.


Web Application - see more

A DSM solution for developing web applications.


Industrial machine control - see more

A DSM solution for hydraulic machine control.


Document Engineering - read more

A DSM solution for specifying document-centric systems. 


RTOS configuration - read more

A DSM solution for specifying and configuring RTOS


Applications in microcontroller generating 8-bit assembler - read more

A DSM solution for developing a voice menu system for an 8-bit microcontroller.


Blood separation machines - read more

A DSM for developing blood separation machines, covering functional code generation and model-level debugging.


Automotive product line feature model - see more

A DSM language for specifying product line features for automotive systems.


Smartphone application specification - see more

Demonstrates the creation of a conference registration for smart phones built on the Series 60 platform.


VoIP telephone testing - see more

This example demonstrates the use of DSM for testing.


Test vector generation and verification - see more

Using domain-specific models for test vector generation and verification.


Enterprise architecture - see more

A DSM language for specifying enterprise architectures.


Programmable logic controllers - read more

IEC 61131 Function Block Diagram for programmable logic controllers

Arithmetic logic (motor control) - see more

A DSM language for specifying the logic of any embedded system consisting of sensors and actuators.


AUTOSAR - see more

A DSM language based on the AUTOSAR standard.


Functional architecture and hardware architecture co-design - see more

A DSM language for co-designing functional architecture and hardware architectures.


Service creation environment - see more

A DSM language for describing IP telephony services using flow models and generating service description in XML.


Digital wristwatch applications in Java/C#/C - see more

State machine based Java, C# and C code generation for embedded devices, using a familiar domain, a digital wrist watch, as a pedagogical example. Code can be also executed on Android and Windows Phone emulators. This example covers product line development by allowing software developers to describe static and behavior in two different yet integrated languages. Code generator produces code from multiple different kinds of design models.


Point of Sales (POS) system - see more


Integrating automotive architecture models with Simulink - see more

E-commerce design language - see more

A DSM language for developing a web applications; online shopping places, discussion forums, online support etc.


AADL: software and hardware architecture of automotive systems - see more

System description language - see more

A DSM language for describing telecom systems wiht blocks, gates, processes and generating code for SDLPR.


Symbian S60 native C++ - see more


IT Application Testing

Feature modeling