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Have your language built while you wait, Code Generation 2012

March 08, 2012 15:18:45 +0200 (EET)

From 15.15-16.45 on Thursday 28 March at the Code Generation conference, I'll be leading a new kind of session called "Have your language built while you wait". 15 master craftsmen, representing 11 top language workbench tools, have volunteered their time to build languages for participants' domains:

"Imagine the scene: master craftsmen await, hands poised over mouse and keyboard, ready for you to describe your domain. Together you draft out a prototype language for that domain, seeing it grow as they implement it in their tool. If you want, they might even give you the controls and let you get the feel of things yourself. When the whistle blows after 20 minutes, the work is saved for you and you move on to another craftsman, a different tool, and maybe an entirely different approach. Think of it as high tech speed dating, but without the crushing humiliation."

  • Get a language for your domain, free and made by an expert.
  • Learn about the process of language creation and implementation.
  • Get familiar with different tools and approaches.
  • See your domain from new points of view.

The session is intended for anyone interested in seeing what a language for their domain might look like, or how the language they already have in mind would look in different tools. If you don't have a domain of your own, we'll provide a choice of familiar domains to challenge the master craftsmen with, or you can just sit in and watch the fun.

If you've registered for Code Generation, you can choose which tools you're interested in, and we'll do our best to oblige. Since each master craftsman can only see a few people, places are limited so choose quickly!


Video and results now online

[Steven Kelly] April 03, 2012 16:25:22 +0300 (EEST)

A video of the session and some screenshots of the results are now online: Have Your Language Built While You Wait. Thanks to all the master craftsmen and participants!