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Intentional Software hiring

April 25, 2006 14:05:03 +0300 (EEST)

Intentional Software is hiring a few programmers:

Currently we have openings for a select few outstanding programmers. If you would like to work on a new breakthrough product that will transform how software is used and developed, this is your opportunity. If you are bright, highly competent, willing to take risks and enjoy having fun working together in a team, you will fit right in. Your specific background, your number of years in the industry or the specific technologies you master are less important.

The "willing to take risks" bit might just be related to their No-Privacy Policy (Terms of Use for their website), which is either hilarious or frightening (or then both):

Intentional Software Corporation reserves the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time without notice, effective when changed on this website. For that reason, you should read these Terms of Use each time in the future before you click, access, browse or use this website or our blog.

Catch-22. I just hope they can find someone to shave their barber...

On a more serious note, they have some great people there, including Magnus Christenson. He's charged with turning the interesting ideas and prototypes into an actual released product -- a task I and many readers can sympathize with!

Intentional Software's ideas are similar to DSM and Software Factories. They're more like Software Factories than DSM in that they stay closer to code than to models -- the main visual format is more code-like than model-like. Then again, they're more like DSM than SF in that a new language is created for each project domain -- SF being more about Microsoft or partners creating somewhat domain-specific languages that many companies will use. A good overview can be found from a ZDNet interview with Charles Simonyi.