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Tutorial on DSM at ECOOP, Glasgow 25th July

July 08, 2005 17:30:06 +0300 (EEST)

After the awful news from London yesterday - heartfelt condolences to all affected - it will be good to check in back home in the UK at the end of this month. I'll be giving a tutorial on implementing DSM languages and generators at ECOOP in Glasgow, Monday 25th July.

As usual, we'll look at a wide variety of real world cases, drawn from our own experiences with customers over the last ten years, as well as reported work from other organisations such as NASA, Lucent and the USAF. Using those as a springboard, we'll move on to how to go about building a modeling language for your own domain (see this article from last year's OOPSLA DSM workshop for some suggestions). Finally, we'll look at different ways of generating full production code from your models - and in particular how to make sure that the generated code is the same as the best code you are writing by hand today. Plenty of exercises and hands-on work should give you a good appetite for the evening's reception at the Glasgow Science Centre - famed for its wide range of hands-on exhibits.

Normally for tutorials you have to register for the whole conference at a cost of over £400, but this time the organisers are letting people register just for the tutorials. £50 will buy you registration for two whole days, and then you just pay for each tutorial. The more you go to, the cheaper they get, and students receive a 50% discount.

With names like Joe Yoder, Mohamed Fayad, Joe Kiniry, Martine Devos and Michael Stal, now looks like a good time to try out the ECOOP tutorials. And for those who keep count, this is the 19th ECOOP!