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Industrial Experiences on Domain-Specific Modeling: Panel summary

November 17, 2016 16:21:37 +0200 (EET)


The 16th workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling took place at SplashCon, Amsterdam. Papers and presentations are available online. This year we had also a panel with industry participants sharing their experiences on Domain-Specific Modeling. The full panel summary is available as pdf.

I was particularly happy to hear about the 5+ productivity gains reported as they are in line with what we have seen from others: e.g. reported in Modelsward 2016 paper on Industry experiences and what the company I work for can share publicly from customer cases.

One of the panelists put it perhaps most nicely: I have not seen a technique comparable providing similar results with productivity improvements. Therefore the real question is not if to apply MDE/DSM/DSL, but how to introduce it. Large portion of the panel went to discuss how to handle obstacles and follow the same success path as the panelists. If you are interested in speeding development activities I can recommend reading the panel summary.