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Results of LinkedIn Poll: What is the most challenging part when starting to define your own modeling languages and generators?

May 07, 2014 16:10:21 +0300 (EEST)

Thank you for the comments and for the votes to the poll. See results below (I took the screenshot from the original poll (http://lnkd.in/dhKy_TH) because LinkedIn stated that these would not be any more available after mid May). Clearly the two most common challenges deal with identifying the domain and defining the languages. I voted for the first, partly perhaps because my work is often related to early phases of language definition dealing with issues like what to model and what to leave out.

Poll results

I should reveal that the same poll in a group on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSMForum) lead to different results as the actual language and generator development was not seen a big issue. For 50% in DSMForum the most challenging part is identifying a suitable domain, and 27% saw tool integration the biggest challenge. I think this could be because participants at DSMForum have perhaps more experiences on creating the languages and generators whereas in MDA group there are perhaps more people interested in using ready solutions than creating their own. For the same reason the number of participants in MDA group is bigger than in DSMForum including mostly language engineers only.

The poll has also a number of shortcomings if we evaluate the research method in terms of data collection and small number of answers, but as commented by others it reveals something interesting that perhaps would deserve a more detailed and better planned research. Having some demographics or background data could help to analyze the differences too, like those mentioned in the comments where Rafael sees hard to find a domain for DSL whereas Jens things that to be perhaps the last thing to vote for.