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20 cases of Domain-Specific Modeling

December 03, 2012 11:23:35 +0200 (EET)

Unfortunately most of the Domain-Specific Modeling solutions are not made publicly available. Reasons are clear: From the technical point of view a particular domain-specific language addresses a narrow domain and makes perfect match for a small audience only. Business reasons are perhaps even more obvious: If you have created a technology that makes your development 5-10x faster compared to your competitors, you most likely don’t want to publish it.

Luckily, some companies allow showing or even sharing their languages. To demonstrate the variety of domain-specific modeling languages, I’ve picked 20 different languages developed by MetaEdit+ users. They were selected to show various domains targeted as well as how a wide variety of code (or other output) can be produced from domain-specific models. For all the examples we can show the languages as they are used in MetaEdit+.

The session is available on the MetaCase YouTube channel: 20 DSM examples.