Blog Markup Help

!bold!      Enclose text in exclamation marks to make it bold. To enter a normal exclamation mark, type it twice: !!

^italic^    Enclose text in carets to make it italic. To enter a normal caret, type it twice: ^^

_underline_ Enclose text in underscores to make it underlined. To enter a normal underscore, type it twice: __

*   Starting a line with an asterisk will transform into bullet points. You can nest bullet points with multiple asterisks

#   Starting a line with a hash will transform into numbered points. You can nest numbered points with multiple hashes

--- Starting a line with 3 dash characters will transform into an <hr> horizontal rule divider

/\  Starting a line with slash then backslash, and ending it in the same way will wrap that line in a blockquote.

||  Starting a line with two vertical bars starts a table, where a carriage return indicates a new row, and each double bar is a new cell.
    Starting the content with a { character will align the cell left, while starting the content with a } will align the cell right.

[Title of Link>] will create a link with that text and URL, i.e. in HTML:
<a href="">Title of Link</a>

[img>] will create an inline image for that URL, i.e. in HTML:
<img src="">

Finally, two Carriage returns in sequence will begin a paragraph. For example:

Line number 1

Line number 2

will become

Line number 1

Line number 2

Any text inside <pre> tags will not be transformed.