MetaEdit+ 5.1 Workbench Evaluation Mac OS X

Before installing MetaEdit+


MetaEdit+ is a modeling tool for any and every modeling language - including your own! It includes prebuilt support for UML, BSP etc., code generation (C++, Java, Delphi, Corba, Smalltalk, SQL etc.) and documentation generation (HTML, RTF etc.).

Customize for your own powerful code and documentation generation, integrated with your existing development environment.

Contact Information:

License Terms:

This product is licensed for evaluation use only. All other use, copying or distribution is forbidden. See LICENSE for more details. 

Upgrade Path to Full Version:

Contact MetaCase for details.

System Requirements:

  • Intel or PowerPC Mac
  • Mac OS X version 10.5 or later

Installing MetaEdit+

To install MetaEdit+ 5.1 Evaluation, open the MetaEdit+ DMG package and drag and drop the 'MetaEdit+ 5.1 Evaluation' application file into your Applications folder.

After installing MetaEdit+

Usage Instructions:

Start by double-clicking "MetaEdit+ 5.1 Evaluation" from Applications. Since you downloaded MetaEdit+ from the internet, you may be asked to confirm before running. If you have tightened your system Security settings to only allow apps downloaded from the Mac App Store, you can right-click the MetaEdit+ application and select "Open" from the pop-up menu.

During the first start-up MetaEdit+ will create a folder called "MetaEdit+ 5.1" in your home Documents folder. In this folder, MetaEdit+ will place per-user items such as a demo repository, reports folder for generation output, metaedit.ini file etc.

When MetaEdit+ has started, open Help | Contents and go to the Evaluation Tutorial, which includes information about logging in. On your first login, you will be asked for an evaluation code, which you will have received in the email with your download details.

Please note:

Where the manuals mention the Ctrl key, on Mac OS X you can instead use the Command key, ⌘. If you have a mouse with only one button, you can "right-click" by clicking while holding down the Ctrl key, ⌃.

The menu bar at the top of the screen is not dependent on the current window, but instead simply contains entries for all of the Command key shortcuts in all windows. Please use the menus within each application window instead.

Uninstallation Instructions:

You can uninstall MetaEdit+ 5.1 Evaluation as normal by dragging it from Applications to the trash can. Please remember that your data files are located in your Documents folder, so you can remove or keep them as you like (to remove them, simply drag the "MetaEdit+ 5.1" folder from Documents to the trash can).

Known Problems

Icons on the types toolbar are cut off on HiDPI Retina screens. Please see the FAQ on Retina.