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Microsoft and MetaCase co-organize workshop

May 24, 2005 14:56:35 +0300 (EEST)

Great news for those who would rather see co-operation than fighting over how best to obtain the benefits of model-driven development: Microsoft's Alan Cameron Wills and I will be running a workshop on Agile Development with Domain-Specific Languages on Monday June 20th at XP 2005 in Sheffield, UK. Alan will be familiar to many as co-author (with Desmond D'Souza) of the Catalysis approach to components in UML, and is now working for Microsoft on their DSL tools. To participate in the workshop, send a page or so about your Agile / DSM experiences to Alan by June 5th - more details on the workshop home page.

Here's our official press release:

Scaling up Agile - is Domain-Specific Modeling the key?

MetaCase have been asked by Microsoft to co-organize a Workshop on Agile Development with Domain-Specific Languages on Monday June 20th at XP 2005 in Sheffield, UK. Microsoft's Alan Cameron Wills approached MetaCase CTO Steven Kelly with the suggestion of a joint workshop, and the result was kindly fast-tracked by the XP 2005 program committee.

The workshop will focus on how Domain-Specific Languages can form the most agile of approaches to software development, and how tools such as MetaCase's MetaEdit+ and Microsoft's forthcoming Visual Studio Team System DSL Tools allow teams to develop support for Domain-Specific Modeling in a fraction of the time previously required.

Co-organizing the workshop is a natural progression from the previous co-operation between MetaCase and Microsoft. MetaCase's workshops at OOPSLA, the central annual DSM event, have regularly been attended by leading Microsoft figures such as Jack Greenfield, Steve Cook and Stuart Kent - authors of Microsoft's "Software Factories" book and strategy. Microsoft were also the first party MetaCase contacted when founding the DSM Forum, where together with other leading DSM tool providers they work to promote DSM and mutual co-operation between vendors.


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